Staffing and Training

Transitional Staffing

Whether you have a vacancy in Admissions Management, anticipate a change or want independent feedback, we can help bridge the gap.

Finding the right person for key positions can't be rushed. We provide on-site transitional management for 30 days and beyond so you can locate the best permanent hire. During that time, we'll provide services which will correct existing problems, re-energize your admissions staff and prepare the way for a smooth transition to a permanent manager. We focus on keeping enrollments coming while you reorganize.

Permanent Staffing

We're in touch with qualified and experienced candidates. And, because we understand your particular needs and objectives we can provide better screening and evaluation of candidates. We understand colleges and schools from the inside out so we find the candidate that is the best fit.


A professional admissions team provides a seamless flow of services that solve problems, anticipate needs, create student confidence. Admissions performance is maximized when the admissions team collaborates and engages new students as they begin their education. Group and individual training and process coordination is at the core of our approach. When a college is experiencing a short fall in enrollment, the issues surrounding the situation are often about people, their motivation, understanding of the job and sense of teamwork. Resolving these issues is the key to optimizing results.