Comprehensive Operational Review

You may be too close to your admissions process to see problems that keep you from achieving your goals.

An experienced, independent perspective can uncover inefficiencies that can easily be missed. Our audit process reveals areas that can be addressed with training and adjustment. Streamline your efforts. Protect your investment.
Capture more enrollments. Our review looks at:

  • Inquiry reception
  • Prospect information capture and assignment
  • Appointment setting and interviewing
  • Applicant support services
  • Communications fulfillment
  • Interdepartmental coordination and support
  • Regulatory compliance

We review your marketing activities to find savings, stimulate inquiries and discover new opportunities to tell your story. We help you maximize your effectiveness to ensure that your marketing plan works. We look at:

  • Publications and advertising
  • Public relations and communications
  • Competitive analysis and market gapping

When you know what areas need improvement, effective remedies can be put into action.