About Us: College Performance Partners

Admissions Performance Partners

We’re a team of college professionals. We have extensive experience at the campus and school system levels. We’ve led successful marketing and admissions teams, innovated and launched new educational programs, hired and trained scores of top performing individuals, led troubled schools back to full enrollment and fostered collaboration by creating environments where students and staff alike are productive, successful and enthused. As a team, we present our clients with formidable capacity to effect change and find results. We work with post-secondary institutions that want and need to grow and prosper.

DOUG WORSLEY | Operations & Staffing With over 30 years of professional experience in post-secondary education, Doug has served as College President, School Director, Director of Admissions and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. His career includes key leadership positions at schools and colleges in Illinois, Michigan, New York, California, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, British Columbia & Ontario, Canada. He has a career’s worth of practical experience in creating and sustaining a positive team-oriented work environment which values individual achievement and drives student success.

BRUCE WORSLEY | Operations & Training With over 25 years of experience in admissions, program development and administration, Bruce brings drive and innovation to every situation. He has built schools and developed profitable curricula. He has hired, trained and managed teams for individual colleges and school groups in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Michigan, New Jersey and Oklahoma. He has developed and managed effective student placement programs, trained trainers and served as interim school director at schools in leadership transition reviving staff and faculty vitality while renewing student body confidence in their ability to achieve. Bruce brings versatility and imagination to every problem, finding solutions that raise performance and positive student outcomes.

Kristin McMahan | Staffing

Kristin McMahan StaffingOver the past 19 years, Kristin has built an impressive set of credentials in college admissions and organizational leadership. She has hired, trained and led teams of individuals to levels of exceptional performance. Ethics and integrity combined with an inner drive have served as the foundation of her successes. This professional background guides her understanding of what it takes to build a top performing team and to find the most appropriate match for your organization’s needs.

Rebecca Mead | Staffing

Rebecca Mead Staffing

With over ten years of success in College Admissions and six years of experience as an Executive Recruiter for major corporations, Rebecca brings impressive skills and background to College Performance Partners staffing services. She has successfully led staffs of admissions representatives through planning, marketing and recruitment; winning numerous awards along the way. Her skill in the staffing field stems from an understanding of client needs and what type of candidates offer a best match. Her strong work ethic and knowledge offer colleges an individual that finds quality candidates while working to maintain a strong, confidential and caring relationship with her clients.

Charles Austin, Ed.D. | Curriculum & Training

Charles Austin, Ed.D Curriculum & TrainingA member of the College Performance Partners group, Dr. Austin provides academic consulting services to post-secondary career colleges to strengthen their Career Development educational programs. A specialist in career development, DR. CHAZ (Charles Michael Austin, Ed.D.) has presented papers on the subject to: the National Association of Women MBAs, the Association for Business Communication, the National Council for Workforce Education, the Society of Educators and Scholars, and the International College Teaching and Learning Conference. He has taught business and communication courses at institutions of higher learning in southern California since 1998, and holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

Kathi Georges | Designer

Scott Englehardt, DesignerKathi Georges is a master visual communicator, excelling in creating results-driven, highly effective and brilliant work in digital, print and interactive media. For nearly 20 years, she has developed material for colleges and corporate clients, producing integrated campaigns and collateral including catalogs, view books, brochures, websites, html emails, presentations, branding systems, logos, social media campaigns and much, much more. From concept to completion, her award-winning graphic design skills are a perfect fit for institutions looking to achieve results.

Ken Frost | Instructor, Leadership and Curriculum Development & Operations

Eric Lindstrom, PhD, Training & Curriculum DevelopmentKen has over 35 years of experience as an educator and administrator in the education sector.  As a skilled and engaging presenter, he is able to share the skills and knowledge gained from his extensive experience.  Ken has won international awards in Communications and Art Education.  Ken works extensively with Faculty of Education interns and College instructors to refine their teaching skills.  His in-depth understanding of the teaching learning process along with his strong coaching skills are key to his success in helping faculty reach their full potential.  As a certified school assessor, he is able to provide clear direction for educational organizations and lead them through the strategic planning process for system wide growth.

William Brittain | Operations       

Eric Lindstrom, PhD, Training & Curriculum DevelopmentWith 25 plus years of experience with roles as Educator, Executive Director and College President, Bill has guided colleges up to 2,000 students and 250 in size to growth and stability. He understands how to foster a collaborative atmosphere,  bring the best out of people and create a strong customer service culture. These experiences and personal orientation make him a strong operational leader and informs his view of the students’ educational experience. His years of training in Six Sigma Black Belt Leadership, Lean Principles, Total Quality, oversight of Process Improvement Teams and Project Management has seasoned Bill into a strong Educational Leader. He brings this ethic to his work on our team.

Heather Jones l Educational Operations, Educational Leadership, Instructor Development and Training & Curriculum Development

Susan Goschie, Creative DirectorDuring her over 40 years of experience in the Education Sector, Heather has held key leadership positions in Public Schools and has been the Director of Education for a Public School District.  She held Director of education positions in Private Colleges and was Dean of Community College.  Coupled with this experience, Heather has provided workshops and training sessions throughout North America. Leadership in an educational setting, inclusionary practices, universal design for education and engaging students in the teaching learning process are examples of workshop topics. Heather is a facilitator at the National Association of career Colleges Leadership Academy. Heather practices what she preaches.  Her workshops demonstrate and use the same multiple methodologies, engagement strategies and excitement that should be in our classrooms.  Embedded in all of these workshops and her everyday dealings with instructors and students is her incredible compassion and sincerity.